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Free: First Edition, Hardcover-- (Signed)

Free: First Edition, Hardcover-- (Signed)

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Signed copy of 'Free' includes signed bookplates & bookmarks.

Note: Your book will be signed, but not personalized.  


A chance meeting.. or is it?

Can a man be too perfect?

“If anything ever happens to me—run.”

That’s the last thing that he said to me before everything fell apart.

“Run, Vivi”

I left everything behind: my job, my few friends, my whole life.

“He’ll protect you. Trust him.”

All I had was an address and a word. Free. I didn’t know what was waiting for me on the other side. Was I escaping my fate
Or running straight into my destiny?

“Whatever you do, don’t fall for him.”

Too late...

This is Book 3 Of The Possession Series-- Note: you don't have to read these books in order. This is a parallel timeline-- you can start here and then go backward and read books 1 &2. Buckle up, kids! This one is a doozy!

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